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 A Word From The Shepherd




In order to have an excellent congregation, we need many in the congregation to help. Holy Trinity HAS an excellent congregation!

As I look out into the congregation every Sunday, almost every person sitting in the pews is involved somehow with the ministries of this congregation.

This month I want to really highlight the many people that make this congregation sing!

Let's start with those that make my job such a piece of cake! the band and the singers and Kristy who have been so good and supportive.

Those that volunteer during services every week: greeters, ushers, acolytes, power point operators and the assistants and readers, teachers for Kidz Time. The Altar Guild and the person that puts the Hymn numbers up. The tellers who stay after to count our offering

Organizers of the volunteers by way of making up monthly volunteer schedules or recruiting others for things like Kidz Time or lawn mowing, etc.

Those who hang around in between and after services to help the after worship Coffee servers and the once a month Sunday Fellowship, sellers of the Gift Cards every week, the ladies that make and sell greeting cards for the retreat fund

Let's also add the ladies and gentlemen who make sure our community meals happen every other month like clockwork. We serve 50+ people every month now which is up from 20 something when I first came -- This is a GREAT ministry.

The folks that work weekly with the Food Pantry, picking up food from those organizations that donate it and dividing it up then delivering it to the Food Pantry and then working at the Pantry.

Our wonderful cooks in this congregation!! Whether for the Community Meal or for our own dinners and cookouts.

I want to also thank the people who make our yard look beautiful: you pull weeds and mulch and you plant and mow massive amounts of grass!

Then there is the special projects people who paint and do anything else that's required.

Those that plan things for social gatherings with our church friends outside of church: The Loving Lutheran Ladies Lunch that meets every month. And the “field trips” to see interesting places not too far from home.

And of course I want to thank the Church Council for leading this congregation!

It's an amazing fact that almost everybody in this congregation does something to actively help. Your resources and prayers are also most important.

Finally I want to thank the people who have given me extra help in getting around during my time of healing, visiting shut-ins, doing little things to make it easier for me – like greeting me at the door on Sunday mornings and helping me in.

Those that run little errands around the church or have reached out to do whatever is necessary to make my life easier


Pastor Carolyn