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 A Word From The Shepherd



I love the summer I love everything about it. Of course I tell people I love it because I can be in air-conditioning most of the time!

Our life’s growing seasons, just like though year, does wonder what season of life you’re in right now. Are you in the spring, full of new possibilities for the summer coming with new blooms, the fall when things need to die or the winter which sometimes seems cold and helpless.

Even in the winter of our lives there’s always hope of spring. Sometimes the seasons pass all in one day. Spring is my favorite season, full of hope and rebirth and new life, But that leaves the summer which is where we are now and where we produce amazing fruit.

As a congregation we need to think about what fruit we are producing which will lead to growth and new life. Both as individuals and a congregation we need to keep growing.

Good luck on the journey.


Pastor Carolyn