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Worship is the cornerstone of church activities giving us our greatest opportunity to grow together in faith in Jesus Christ.

We offer two types of Sunday morning worship opportunities at Holy Trinity.

Traditional Service 8:00 am
Our early service is a liturgical service utilizing a step by step worship booklet. The service will be based on the Evangelical Lutheran Worship book.

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Contemporary Service 10:00 am
Our late service is a contemporary-type of liturgy. Some of the non- liturgical music is performed by piano, lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocalists and is of a contemporary praise style. This services are designed to be easy to follow and understand for those with no church background, or for those who are seeking a more contemporary worship experience.


Children gather for a message from Pastor Carolyn before heading off to KIDZ TIME!



Additional Worship Options

Holy Trinity practices worship on other special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Lent, Advent.  We also do combined worship experiences with other churches in the area.  One of these special services is our service of Hope and Healing for those who suffer during the Advent and Holiday Season.

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                        Elizabeth paid a visit to Holy Trinity on the Third Sunday in Advent last year








 August saw the baptism of Rachel alongside her family.

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